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Learn to live a true life and you will know the truth.

     Bowl of Saki, December 7, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

Right living in my sense is not only virtuous living. Right living has a still deeper meaning, for what I call a right life is the first step to that which may be called true life. The third step is truth itself. The mystics say that there are three steps to the goal: right life, true life and truth. A person who loves to live a right life and who tries to do it, even if he is not a contemplative or meditative or religious person, must certainly arrive at that high stage, at that goal which is the ideal goal. For within man there is truth, and the seeking of man is truth.

   from  https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/VIII/VIII_2_6.htm

If his family causes a man to be so absorbed in his pride and interest in it that nobody else in the world exists for him except his own people, or when a person thinks of his own nation alone -- nothing else interests him, others do not exist for him -- in this case his family pride or his patriotism becomes a veil over his eyes, blinding him so as to make him unable to serve either others or his own. In selfishness there is an illusion of profit, but in the end the profit attained by selfishness proves to be worthless. Life is the principal thing to consider, and true life is the inner life, the realization of God, the consciousness of one's spirit. When the human heart becomes conscious of God it turns into the sea and it spreads; it extends the waves of its love to friend and foe. Spreading further and further it attains perfection.

   from  https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/XIV/XIV_2_15.htm

   ~~~ Learn to live a true life and you will know the truth.

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