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The Wedding of Body and Soul                          
        ---  Embodying Your Life's Purpose

by wahiduddin

Table of Contents:

Part I  -  Discovering Divine Presence
  Awakening to Divine Presence, the Still Small Voice Within.

Part II  -  Making Room for Divine Presence
       A look at the ego, the primary obstruction to Divine Presence.

Part III  -  Rising Above the Ego
       Steps toward overcoming troublesome aspects of the ego.

Part IV  -  Living in the Present Moment
       Benefits of focusing on the present moment. Techniques for focusing.

Part V  -  Welcoming Divine Presence
      Steps toward consciously welcoming Divine Presence into one's life.

Part VI  -  The Cause Behind Every Cause
       Learning to see the signs that point toward the One Cause.

Part VII  -   Direct Experience
       Learning the benefits of living in harmony with Divine Presence.

Part VIII  -  The Light Within
       Relaxing into the ever-tranquil embrace of the Light Within.

Part IX  -  Relationships: Human and Divine
       Our deepest needs are only met by discovering the treasure within.

Part X  -  Cultivating our Ultimate Relationship
       Techniques to help form a deeper relationship with Divine Presence.

Part XI  -  Faith and the Spiritual Ideal
       Faith needs the firm foundation of a vivid and lofty Spiritual Ideal.

Part XII  - Conclusion
       What will you choose?

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