james allen
As a Man Thinketh
by James Allen (1864-1912)

Introduction by wahiduddin

As a Man Thinketh is an amazingly powerful little book that transcends the boundaries of religion, whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Sikh, or even atheist, because the Laws that govern our earthly existence are universal Laws which apply equally and justly and fairly to every person, in every situation.

In order to achieve significant spiritual progress, one must be in harmony with the ways of Nature, the Laws that govern our lives. This book presents simply, clearly and succinctly a path toward achieving such harmony through the power of Right Thinking.

Happiness and peace of mind arise in response to one's own thoughts, not from external circumstances. The source of all happiness and peace is within you, and you alone. Selfless thoughts of beauty and magnificence lead to bliss, while self-centered thoughts and desires lead to pain and suffering.

Whenever there is a circumstance in your life that continues to occur, time after time, the situation has likely arisen directly from seeds that you have planted, either consciously or unconsciously. If you want a different life, then you must plant some different seeds.

The thoughts and practices in this book are a magnificent complement to one's own daily spiritual practices...  and if you don't have daily spiritual practices such as daily study of scripture and meditation, then perhaps this is an opportunity to add such practices to your daily life.

May the words of this little book empower you to rise above division and strife to discover the life of Love, Harmony and Beauty that awaits your arrival.

Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,


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