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What's this web site all about??

All too often, it seems that individuals feel a need to hide behind the name of a group or an organization, afraid to make their own deepest feelings known.

This web site is a different approach, a more personal approach, just this one person out on a limb, singing, dancing and generally frolicking in the joy and wonder of the Beloved.

Every day we waste our time thinking and talking about things that really do not matter. Let's speak of what's really important:  tell me of the joy and peace that lives in your heart... tell me of a favorite flower or perhaps of a bird that you've known... tell me of the sweetness of the inner voice that guides you... tell me of the song that your heart sings...tell me of awakening in the morning with the name of the Beloved on your lips... what else is worth talking about??

Oh what an adventure this is. How magnificent it all is! Life and death, happiness and pain, light and dark, a never ending parade, an eternal fountain of the One.

Sometimes I feel like exploding, like fireworks on a mid-summer night, and maybe I do, just for the sheer joy of it all. This web site is one of the outbursts of that joy.

I hope that you're also celebrating your own magnificent outburst of Life.

If you're not... why not?

Benjamin Disraeli once said:  
         Most people die with their music still locked up inside them.

Wouldn't that be a shame? Give it all away while you have the chance....


Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,