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One Nation Under God

One Nation, under God

One Nation, under God

The great turmoil over a Federal Court ruling regarding the popular 'pledge of allegiance' offers us the delightful opportunity to look at this phrase 'One Nation,  Under God' and to consider our own personal values in the light of this phrase.

Using the phrase to describe only some 'special' portion of mankind is foolish. We do not need more separation in our world, we need to rediscover our Oneness. These words are not just about America, we need to recall that all of humanity is our family, a nation that knows no borders.


Let us celebrate the nation of humanity, the brotherhood of mankind, without concern for man-made borders and without concern for the differences and distinctions which have long been used to divide us.

It is my prayer that we will continue to use this magnificent pledge of allegiance, that we will also continue to expand our understanding of our brothers and sisters worldwide, and that we will learn to equally accept all of our brothers and sisters regardless of the name that they may use for the One.

We are One....One Creator, One Life, One Love, One Family, One Brotherhood of Mankind. May we will learn to recognize, enjoy and celebrate our Oneness in this great family of mankind.


 Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,
  wahiduddin Richard Shelquist


posted July 06, 2002