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Donations to help support this web site are greatly appreciated!

If you have benefited from the daily Bowl of Saki, the Sufi Message texts, or other materials available from this web site, then first and foremost please give the greatest of thanks to the Great Mystery which somehow makes all such things possible.

Direct Contributions to help support wahiduddin.net:

Hopefully you will go out and tithe gifts of Love, Harmony and Beauty to everyone you encounter, and if you are interested in making a monetary contribution to help support this web site and the Bowl of Saki emails, then your loving contribution will be used to help pay for the expenses of creating and maintaining this web site. You can click on the following PayPal icon to make a donation via either a credit card or PayPal (please use "Family and Friends" option to reduce the PayPal handling fee):

or you can use this direct link to PayPal (which does exactly the same thing, and please use "Family and Friends" option to reduce the PayPal handling fee):


Tithing from the Heart... giving love, harmony and beauty:

There is great power in tithing, it's like planting a seed, and as it is said, 'you will reap what you have sown'.

So, it may be useful to ask yourself, "What is really most important to me?"... and then strive to find ever-increasing ways to give that, and plant seeds of that, whatever it may be. (When in doubt, love is always a fine gift to give!)

That is, rather than always focusing undue attention on monetary issues, please consider tithing from your heart instead of your wallet. Tithe Love! Tithe Harmony! Tithe Beauty!

Consider, for example, tithing the gift of loving-kindness to someone who is suffering... or tithing a bouquet of beautiful flowers to someone who least expects it... or freely tithing your sympathy to someone deep in troubles... or tithing the gift of love to someone who is overcome by hatred... or tithing a gift from your heart to a complete stranger... or tithing your loving heart to the glorious One who has made this entire adventure possible.

 Shopping at Amazon.Com:

Another way that you can help to support wahiduddin.net (at no cost to you) is by starting all of your Amazon.Com shopping on the page at:

                                    Amazon Shopping Page

When you begin your shopping from that page, Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchase price directly to wahiduddin.net, at no cost to you.

May the glorious message of Love, Harmony and Beauty spread far and wide!


Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,

Revised: Dec 24, 2020