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Sights and Sounds from Puerto Morelos 2004

updated  17-Aug-2008

2004 was the fourth year for the Puerto Morelos, Mexico, Dance Camp created by Bernie and Adrianna Heideman...  it was fantastic! A week of dancing on the beach, Februry 14-21, 2004... dancing in the morning, play in the afternoon, more dancing in the evening. Heavenly.

The primary dance leaders for the 2004 edition of the week-long dance gathering were Bernie Heideman, Narayan Waldman, and Scott Medina.

Puerto Morelos is a peaceful little fishing/tourist village located about 30 miles south of Cancun. It's a magnificent mid-winter get away, with day-time temperatures around 80 deg in mid February... magnificent!

... here's a link to some photos from the 2002 Puerto Morelos dance gathering.

... and, to find out what dance gatherings Bernie is currently planning, please visit his web site at:



  You can download the following songs that were recorded live at Puerto Morelos 2004:

Hands of God  led by Bernie
The Ocean Refuses No River  led by Bruce
La Ilaha Illa-llah  led by Hakima
Take, O' Take Me as I Am  led by Bernie
Eighth Beatitude ho ho ho hee hee hee  led by Narayan
Allah Ya Ya Allah  led by Narayan

Jai Ma  kirtan led by Scott



  Click on any image to see a larger picture (then use the browser Back button to return here):

ms yum yum at work

breezy day

kirtan with scott

dancing under the palapa

crocodile that lives beside the palapa

more dancing under the palapa

puerto morelos beach

dancing 1

dancing 2

dancing 3

dancing 4

returning from a dip in the sea

view from the deck of the dance house

akumal lagoon

puerto morelos magic and mystery....

caribbean side of cozumel

caribbean side of cozumel 2

san gervasio ruins on cozumel

ixchel temple ruins on cozumel

carnival parade on cozumel

carnival parade on cozumel 2

photo by caprice

photo by dustin

photo by marianne


Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,