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Auto-Reply Problems


If you use auto-reply messages, please read this....

With thousands of subscribers receiving the Bowl of Saki every day, the number of auto-reply messages which arrive here on any given day (especially during common holiday periods) can be a bit overwhelming, sometimes hundreds each day.

Clearly there's no need or intent for me to actually open or reply to the auto-reply messages, but if those messages are not clearly marked as an auto-reply, then it's necessary to open each of the emails to see what the email is about, which is a considerable waste of precious time.

Here are three simple options, any of which will easily solve the problem:

1) Always include words such as: "auto reply", "automatic reply" or "auto response" in the subject line, or

2) Subscribe to the Bowl of Saki using a special email account which never sends any auto-reply messages, or

3) Temporarily put the Bowl of Saki on "Hold" by using the "Options" link provided at the bottom of each day's Bowl of Saki.

The first option listed above (standardized text) is probably the easiest for most people. In that case, please include one of the following descriptions in the email "Subject" line of your auto-reply (with or without a hyphen):

auto reply

automatic reply

auto response

By consistently including any of those in the "Subject" line of your auto-reply email, the daily email chores here will be greatly simplified.


Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,