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Each breath of life is a precious gift that deserves our heartfelt thanksgiving to our Creator. All too often we waste the precious gift of breath with idle chatter.

May every breath be a celebration of Life, a remembrance of Love, an awareness of the Divine Presence.

There is no lasting importance to a new car, or the features of your latest gadget, or a tale of what someone else did last week, or in arguing over someone else's viewpoints or opinions. Rather than waste our precious breath, let us focus our attention on that which is Divine and relax our tenacious grip on differences and distinctions.

The only breath that really counts is the breath that we breathe in full awareness of the Divine Presence in this moment. And the only words that really count are the words that we speak in praise and honor and glory of God in this moment.

Tell me of
    teardrops of loving joy
that caressed your heart,

Tell me of
      the flowers that
have opened your heart,

Tell me of
    the peace that Love
has brought to your heart,

Tell me of
    the joys that
make your your heart sing,

Let us talk of
    Love, Harmony and Beauty,

Let us talk of
    how God is
touching our hearts in this moment,

Let us share
    our heart-songs
and celebrate the glory of God in every moment.

     wishing you love, harmony and beauty,