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Sounds and Sights of Wilderness Camp 2000

The Wilderness Dance Camp is sponsored by the ONEness Project and is held annually in the magnificent foothills near Provo, Utah. 

 updated Dec 26, 2001 

    fall colors, sunny day... let's dance

                                dancing with Gregory


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These brief audio clips of the dance performances are for the personal enjoyment of the Dancers and should not be reproduced or distributed in any manner. Unless otherwise noted, all songs are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by the respective copyright owners.

Here are some hints for accessing the music:

You can download any of these songs to the hard-drive in your computer, and then listen to them on your computer whenever you want without needing to connect to the internet. 

To download directly to your hard-drive, point your mouse at the song title, and click with the RIGHT mouse button, in Microsoft Internet Explorer select "Save target as..." and then store the song in a folder where you can easily access it to play it later. After the song is downloaded to your computer, you can either go to that folder and click on the song title to play it, or you can start your mp3 player and browse to find the desired songs and add them to your playlist. 



Saturday Evening:

Kadosh   Darvesha MacDonald
En Loc Ech Bernie Heideman
Kalama Darvesha MacDonald


Sunday Morning:

Everything She Touches   Narayan Waldman


Sunday Evening:

Great Wave   Bernie Heideman
Bismillah Round Bernie Heideman 
Om Mane Padme Hum   Wali Ali Meyer
Ubi Caritas   Narayan Waldman
Healing Dance   Gregory Long


Monday Morning:

Opening Up in Sweet Surrender   Bernie Heideman
Makudo  Gregory Long
Be a Lamp   Darvesha MacDonald
Mohammed Abdullah Kalama   Narayan Waldman


Monday Evening:

Three Wazifas   Wali Ali Meyer
Come, Come, Whoever You Are   Zareen Delaney
Fourth Beatitude   Bernie Heideman
Return to Love   Darvesha MacDonald



                                      Wali Ali


Tuesday Morning:

Pachamama   Darvesha MacDonald
Chief Seattle Cycle   Bernie Heideman


Tuesday Evening:

Metta Karuna   Darvesha MacDonald
Lord Make Me An Instrument   Narayan Waldman


dancing at the parade of the masks


Wednesday Morning:

Hu Meke Aloha Ay   Carla Hannaford
Open Our Hearts   Brian Dina

Wali Ali chat

Wednesday Evening - Zikr:

Introductory Bismillah Darvesha MacDonald
I Am Blessed by Your Presence Bernie Heideman
Zikr Cycle   Narayan Waldman
Kalama   Wali Ali Meyer


fall colors in August


Thursday Morning:

Spiraling Round the Center   Bernie Heideman
Good Where We've Been   Bernie Heideman
Angelic Bismillah   Darvesaha MacDonald
Courting the Beloved   Gregory Long


Friday Morning:

Return To Love Dearvesha MacDonald


The tent is down.... I guess it's really over....

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