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Some of my Favorite Unpublished Dances

The Dances of Universal Peace

updated 24-Oct-2015

Note: these are my versions of these unpublished songs and dances, and as such they may not necessarily be what the author originally created. All copyrights are the property of the copyright owners.

If you are unfamiliar with the sacred dance of the Dances of Universal Peace, please visit the website for the Dances of Universal Peace.

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Great Wave- music by S. McLinn,  lyrics by A. Allison, movements by wahiduddin.
       Lyrics, movements, attunement   (Acrobat pdf 74 KB, updated Feb 2013)
       mp3 audio (338 KB) ... wahiduddin leading dance in Puerto Morelos
       mp3 audio (1.8 MB) ... wahiduddin solo

Om Tare Tare -  melody by Anton Mizerak, arrangement and movements by wahiduddin.
        Lyrics, movements, attunement   (Acrobat pdf 85 KB)
        mp3 audio (413 KB) ...wahiduddin solo
        Dalai Lama chanting the Tara Mantra  (mp3 audio, 64 KB)

Clouds- by Susan Sheely.
        Lyrics, movements, attunement   (Acrobat pdf  59 KB)
        mp3 audio (564 KB)... Susan solo

Ana El Na - by Susan Sheely.
        Lyrics, movements, attunement  (Acrobat pdf  75 KB)
        mp3 audio (638 KB) .. Susan leading dance in Durango

Open Our Hearts - by Sarmad Tide.
       Lyrics, movements, attunement  (Acrobat pdf  69 KB)
       mp3 audio (1.3 MB)... wahiduddin solo

Mashallah - by Nasrudin James Burgess.
      Lyrics, movements, attunement   (Acrobat pdf  55 KB)
      mp3 audio (1.4 MB)... wahiduddin solo
      mp3audio (436 KB)... Narayan leading dance

Om Hum So Hum  - by Bernie Heideman.
         Sheet music, lyrics, movements, attunement (Acrobat pdf 75 KB)
         mp3 audio (289 KB) ... Bernie leading dance in Puerto Morelos

Moko Kahan Dhundhe - poem by Kabir, music and dance by Narayan Waldman.
       Lyrics, movements, attunement  (Acrobat pdf  97 KB)
       mp3 audio (4.1 MB)... wahiduddin solo
       the Kabir poem sung in Hindi by Bhupender  (397 KB mp3)

Metta Karuna - sanskrit lyrics - music and dance by Anahata Iradah et al
      Lyrics, movements, attunement   (Acrobat pdf  30 KB... updated June 2004)
      mp3 audio (173 kB)... Darvesha leading dance at Wilderness Camp

Gayatri Mantra - music and dance by Bernie Heideman
     Lyrics, chords and movements (Acrobat pdf 44 KB)
     background information for attunement (web page)
     mp3 audio (1.2 MB) ... Bernie solo...
     mp3 audio (3.4 MB) ... wahiduddin solo...this version attempts to correct a couple of pronunciation errors of Bernie's version... for DUP dances, be sure to use Bernie's original version above.

Send Us the Peace -  based on that prayer Khatm by Inayat Khan, music and dance by Daoud Dalley
       Lyrics, chords and movements (Acrobat pdf 65 KB)
       mp3 audio (1.5 MB) ... Shabda Kahn at Wilderness 2002
       mp3 audio (1.9MB) ... wahiduddin 2012 ... lyrics revised to use standard zikr phrase "la ilaha illa-llah"

- More music on this web site:

Wilderness 2002 ... live recordings from Wilderness Camp 2002
Puerto Moreleos 2004  ... live recordings from Puerto Morelos Mexico 2004
Wilderness 2000 ... live recordings from Wilderness Camp 2000
Dance of the Month ... a monthly feature song, recorded live at a DUP event
Wahiduddin's Music ... just me and my guitar.

-   For more unpublished sacred dances on other websites:

         James Burgess' web page at http://www.jamesburgess.com/

          Susan Sheely's web page at  http://www.frontier.net/~sss/songs.htm

 -  Click here for a complete index to the all of the published DUP songs and dances ... with printable pdf version also.


Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,

Richard Shelquist
Longmont, Colorado

Wahiduddin leading dance at Canyonlands 2003