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Bowl of Saki  --  Suspend/Resume Delivery

Step 1 - Enter your email address:

         (click your mouse in the data entry box below, and type in your email address):

Step 2 -  Select the desired option:

         Temporarily Suspend (Hold) Delivery

         Resume Delivery

Step 3 -  Click the Done button:


Explanation of the Options:

Simply click on the "Temporarily Suspend (Hold) Delivery" option to temporarily stop delivery of the daily Bowl of Saki email. This feature may be useful for people going on extended vacations in order to avoid overflowing their email mailbox quota.

Then simply click on "Resume Delivery" whenever you are ready to re-start your daily Bowl of Saki delivery.

Note:  Any subscription suspended for over 6 months will be cancelled (assumed to be abandoned). You are of course free to re-subscribe if such cancellation occurs.