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In the Vision of God, Volume 1, by Swami Ramdas, pp 130-131


Mother Rukmabai with her girl Ramabai was at this time staying in Kurla, a suburb of Bombay, in her sister's house. The girl was then about thirteen years of age. Ramdas had an invitation from this house and accordingly he visited it. Rukmabai and her daughter came and sat in front of him.

"Well," the mother said, "what about the marriage of this girl who is growing up? "- a question thrust right into Ramdas' face. "I have not a single pie [1/16th of a rupee] with me," she continued, "and she has to be married."

"While you own up that you have not a pie, Ramdas, in his turn, must confess that he too does not possess a single copper!" Ramdas replied with a spice of humor, and laughed.

The answer nettled her a great deal and she placed before him a lurid picture of his dereliction of duty and lack of responsibility. He listened to her with a cool indifference and said:

"Why do you worry over the matter? God's will is supreme. All things happen as He wills and at the time determined by Him."

"How can you say so? Do you mean to say then that human effort has no value?" she retorted.

"Human effort," he replied, "is necessary only to learn that human effort as such is useless and God's will alone is the real power that controls and brings about all events. When you realize this truth, human effort ceases and divine will starts its work in you, and then you do all things in the freedom of the soul, liberated from care, fear and sorrow. This is the real life to be attained. So leave all things to the Lord by complete surrender to Him."


     In the Vision of God, Vol I - The Continuing Saga of an Extraordinary Pilgrimage