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In the Vision of God, Volume 1, by Swami Ramdas, pp 251-252


Now Ramcharandas, who was for some time roaming in some villages of South Kanara, thought of traveling towards Northern India. As he desired to see Ramdas before finally leaving the south, one day he suddenly showed up at the retreat. Ramdas was happy to see him.

In the course of conversation with him, Ramdas spoke to him of the divine vision:

"God-vision is nothing but to realize and feel His presence within yourself and everywhere about you, because God is an all-prevailing spirit, permeating the entire universe. The manifested worlds are not different from Him, since they are but His own expression in terms of name and form."

But the boy was not impressed at this presentation of Truth, and he said in a tone of utter dissatisfaction:

"Swamiji, I would have nothing of your nirguna [aspect of God beyond form, name or attributes] or impersonal aspect of God. I want to behold Him as saguna [personal God]. I crave for the darshan [vision, presence] of the Ram-panchayatan, i.e., as Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat and Hanuman. You are always harping on the same tune - His formless aspect."

Ramdas smiled and replied:

"The saguna you are after is an image of your own mind and it cannot satisfy you. You ought to rise beyond all forms of sight and mind. The true saguna or body of the Lord is the universe itself, in which He is immanent. And by His power He is causing, in this manifestation, birth, growth, and dissolution of all beings and things. He is also transcendent as pure spirit. Your body is one of His expressions. Your activity has its inception in the infinite power of God. Don't be deluded by a desire to behold things which are conditioned and momentary - mere phantoms of your mind. Have the true longing to realize your immortal nature and your union with the omnipotent and omnipresent God, who is the supreme Lord of the universe. Purify your mind and heart by proper discipline and entitle yourself to this glorious vision, and attain perfect freedom and eternal bliss."