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Sayings of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

(The soul speaking with nature)

Little dandelions, what are you doing here?
–We reflect on earth the stars in the heavens.

Little pool, why is your water so muddy?
–Because of my narrow mind and depthless heart.

Coal, what makes you so black?
–I am the evil of the ages accumulated in the heart of the earth.
What is your penalty?
–I must pass through a trial by fire.
What becomes of you in the end?
–I turn into a diamond.

Earth, to the clouds:
–Why did you come back after once you had deserted me?
–The heavens would not have us before we had reconciled ourselves with you.

Little rosebud, what do you hold between your hands?
–The secret of my beauty.

Sunflower, what are you?
–I am the eye of the seeker who searches for the light.

Death, what are you?
–I am the shadow of life.
Death, of what are you born?
–I am born of ignorance.
Death, where is your abode?
–My abode is in the mind of illusion.
Death, do you ever die?
–Yes, when pierced by the arrow of the seer's glance.
Death, whom do you draw near to you?
–I draw him closer who is attracted to me.
Death, whom do you love?
–I love him who longs for me.
Death, whom do you attend?
–I readily attend him who calls on me.
Death, whom do you frighten?
–I frighten the one who is not familiar with me.
Death, whom do you caress?
–The one who lies trustfully in my arms.
Death, with whom are you severe?
–I am severe with him who does not readily respond to my call.
Death, whom do you serve?
–I serve the godly, and when he returns home I carry his baggage.

–I take you in my bosom on the water.
–I carry you on my back on the land.

Roseflower, why are your lips drooping?
–I am thinking over my glorious past.

Why do you rise, wave, with the coming of the wind?
–To receive the message it brings.

–I gave you my life.
–I allowed you to kiss me.

Sea, why is your color blue?
–It is heaven reflected in my white heart.

Earth, tell me your moral principle.
–I lay myself before those who pass over me, and those who come unto me, to them I open my heart.

Night, why do you cry so mournfully?
–I cry over the loving souls whom life has thrown apart, and those whom destiny will
separate one day. Night, why are you so dark?
–Light has left me.
Night, what makes you so beautiful?
–The coming of the moon, which has brought me wisdom's message.

Wind, what makes the sea respond to you so wholeheartedly?
–In her I have touched her deepest chord.
Wind, what have you done to thrill the whole being of the sea to passion?
–Nothing, only given a kiss.

"So" gives rise to an argument;
"Why?" continues it;
and it ends in "No."

What sense is there, O moth, in burning yourself in trying to kiss the light?
–My joy in it is greater than my sacrifice.

Waves, why does the wind come and then go from you?
–It comes to wake us, and leaves us to solve the problem among ourselves.

Moving waves, the wind has left you and you are still in commotion.
–We are still repeating the word it has taught us; it moves our whole being to ecstasy.
Waves, why do you all become excited and then all calm together?
–Because behind our individual action there is one impulse working.
Rising waves, what motive is behind your impulse?
–The desire to reach upwards.

Sea, what is it that makes you so chaotic?
–No sooner does the air whisper to my ears the message of wisdom, than an enormous trouble begins within myself.

Storm, you invade us suddenly without any warning!
–I send my ultimatum by the hand of the wind, before starting gunfire.
Storm, why are the clouds being scattered now?
–I have given orders for demobilization.
Storm, why do you send the rain after you have gone?
–To make peace with the earth.

–Devil, will you be my friend?
–I am at your disposal.

–Do we not lay ourselves in complete surrender before you for you to pass over us?
Then listen to our request: throw into the water those you carry in your bosom.
–No, I am not like you who drown beneath your feet those who seek refuge in your arms.
The ones whom I hold in my heart, either I sink with them or I carry them safely to their destination.

Earthly riches, explain to me your character.
–I fly from the hand that holds me,
I escape from the one who pursues me,
I fall into his purse who collects me,
I live with him who spares me,
I leave the one who does not look after me,
I keep away from him who has me not.
The one who does not possess me is poor indeed,
but the one who possesses me is poorer still.