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Sayings of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

Bowl of Saki


Each soul's attainment is according to its evolution.

It always means that you must sacrifice something very dear to you when His call comes.

Renunciation is always for a purpose; it is to kindle the soul that nothing may hold it back from God; but when it is kindled, the life of renunciation is not necessary.

There are those who are like a lighted candle: they can light other candles, but the other candles must be of wax; if they are of steel, they cannot be lighted.

There is no greater scripture than nature, for nature is life itself.

Wisdom can only be learned gradually, and every soul is not ready to receive or to understand the complexity of the purpose of life.

It is a very high stage on the path of love when a man really learns to love another with a love that asks no return.

Love alone is the fountain from which all virtues fall as drops of sparkling water.

The whole purpose of life is to make God a reality.

If you seek the good in every soul, you will always find it, for God is in all things; still more, He is in all beings.

The knowledge of God is beyond man's reason; the secret of God is hidden in the knowledge of unity.

Seek Him in all souls, good or bad, wise and foolish, attractive and unattractive; in the depths of each there is God.

When in ourselves there is inharmony, how can we spread harmony?

The innermost being of man is the real being of God.

Love itself is the healing power and the remedy for all pain.

By loving, forgiving, and serving, it is possible for your whole life to become one single vision of the sublime beauty of God.

Mysticism to the mystic is both science and religion.

The principles of mysticism rise from the heart of man; they are learnt by intuition and proved by reason.

Your work in life must be your religion, whatever your occupation may be.

The true joy of every soul is in the realization of the divine Spirit, and the absence of realization keeps the soul in despair.

Beyond the narrow barriers of race and creed we can all unite, because we all belong to one God.

All forms of worship or prayer must draw man closer to God.

When man is separated from God in his thought, his belief is of no use, his worship is of little use.

The source of the realization of truth is within man; he himself is the object of his realization.

True self-denial is losing one's self in God.

It is more important to find out the truth about one's self, than to find out the truth of heaven and hell.

According to his evolution, man knows the truth; and the more he knows, the more he finds there is to know.

The man filled with the knowledge of names and forms has no capacity for the knowledge of truth.

Man mistakes when he begins to cultivate the heart by wanting to sow the seed himself, instead of leaving the sowing to God.

We start our lives as teachers, and it is very hard for us to learn to become pupils. There are many whose only difficulty in life is that they are teachers already. What we have to learn is pupilship. There is but one Teacher, God Himself.

Earthly knowledge is as clouds dimming the sight, and it is the breaking of these clouds in other words, purity of heart that gives the capacity for the knowledge of God to rise.