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Sayings of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

(God speaking through the kindled soul)

Blessed is he who has found in life his life's purpose.

Blessed is he who rests in the abode of his soul.

Blessed is he who hears the call from the minaret of his heart.

Blessed is he who sees the star of his soul as the light that is seen in the port from the sea.

Blessed are the innocent who believe and trust.

Blessed are they who patiently strive in the cause of truth and do not weary.

Blessed are they who fear lest they cause another the slightest hurt by thought, word, or deed.

Blessed are the unselfish friends and they whose motto in life is constancy.

Blessed are they who cover the scars of others even from their own sight.

Blessed are the proud in God, for they shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are they who make willing sacrifices in kindness.

Verily, the heart that cherishes the love of God will be crowned with glory on the last day.

Verily, the heart that repeats constantly the Sacred Name is exalted.

Verily, the heart that reflects the divine Light is illuminated.

Verily, the heart that is responsible to the divine Word is liberated.

Verily, the heart that receives the divine Peace is blessed.

Verily, blessing is for every soul; for every soul, whatever be his faith or belief, belongs to God.

Verily, to be envied is he who loves and asks no return.

Verily, it is truth that every soul is seeking.

Verily, the one who is hopeful will succeed in life.

Verily, life is one continual battle, and he alone is victorious who has conquered himself.

Verily, all that leads to happiness is good.

Verily the man who considers human feelings is spiritual.

Verily, the man who holds the world is greater than the world; he whom the world holds is smaller.

Spiritual attainment is attuning oneself to a higher pitch. As the shadow is evident yet non-existent, so is evil.

It is the tongue of flame that speaks the truth, not the tongue of flesh.

Faith reaches what reason fails to touch.

There is a limit to the precautions one takes in the affairs of one's life; and the horizon of the limit is one's trust in God.

The sunglass reflects the heart of the sun; the contemplative heart reflects the divine qualities.

The period of one's spiritual development depends upon the rhythm of one's life.

All things which one seeks in God such as light, life, strength, joy and peace, these all can be found in truth.

Truth is the evidence of God, and God is the evidence of truth.

There is as much likeness between falsehood and truth as there is between the person and his shadow, the difference being that while the former has life the latter has none.

Verily, when man rises above the earth, the earth is at his feet; but when he falls beneath the earth, the earth is over his head.

Verily, the soul has no birth, no death, no beginning, no end. Sin cannot touch it, nor can virtue exalt it; it has always been and always will be, and all else is its cover like a globe over the light.

When man closes his lips, God begins to speak.

There is no teacher save God; we all learn from Him.

The soul in its journey onward strikes a plane where it exclaims, "I am the truth."

It is preferable to all wealth we earn in life, and all friends we have attracted through life, if our conscience says at the moment when we are passing from earth, "Thou art true."

Spiritual attainment is to become conscious of the Perfect One, who is formed in the heart.

Self-will is the strength of the spirit; but when the false ego expresses self-will, a soul, instead of rising, fails. The spirit becomes entitled to have self-will when the soul is evolved. "Blessed are the poor in spirit."