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Sayings of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

(God Speaking to Man)

Is love pleasure, is love merriment? No, love is longing constantly; love is persevering unweariedly; love is hoping patiently; love is willing surrender; love is regarding constantly the pleasure and displeasure of the beloved, for love is resignation to the will of the possessor of one's heart; it is love that teaches man: Thou, not I.

Love that ends, is the shadow of love; true love is without beginning or end.

When He gives you a blow, He may give a blow even by the hand of your most loving friend; and when He caresses you, He may caress you by the hand of your bitterest enemy.

Let courage be thy sword and patience be thy shield, my soldier.

Wide space, the womb of my heart, conceive my thought, I pray, and give birth to my desire.

Every soul's longing am I; every heart hears My call; everyone feels My impulse, My friend as well as My foe.

My thoughts I have sown on the soil of your mind; My love has penetrated your heart; My word I have put into your mouth; My light has illuminated your whole being; My work I have given into your hand.

We have made all forms in order to complete the image of man.

One day I met the Lord face to face, and, bending my knees, I prayed, "Tell me, O King of Compassion, is it Thou who punishest the sinner and givest rewards to the virtuous one?" and said He, smiling, "the sinner attracts his punishment; the virtuous earns his reward."