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Sayings of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

(The soul speaking with nature)

Glorious sun, are you setting?
–Yes, to rise again.

Sublime nature, my ears did not hear your music.
–Your heart has heard it, your soul has danced to it.

Trees to the clouds:
–With raised hands we pay you our homage.
–In tears we grant your request.

Nature, where do you borrow your sublimity?
–From your loving spirit.

Rain, why do you not come in the desert?
–I keep away from where I am not welcome.

When once passing through the mountains, I saw rocks, some resting on their knees, some bending, some standing. I asked, "O hard-hearted monsters, what secret is there in your charm?" They answered in a silent voice, "That we do not assert ourselves."

Rocky mountains, what are you?
–We are the tombs of the world's past.

Crystal, what are you?
–I am the shadow of Christ's heart.
What quality do you possess?
–I am empty of self, so that by gazing, one sees in me His heart reflected.

Desert to the rain-clouds:
–You are passing over us, why not be our guest?
–We have no longer trust in the hard-hearted.

Glorious nature, wonderful picture, where shall I keep you?
–In the frame of your heart.

Wilderness, why does your cry touch me so deeply?
–Because it rises from the bottom of my heart.

Wilderness, what is in you that is so overwhelming?
–The expansion of my heart.

Good-bye, nature's vision, shall I ever see you again?
–Yes, whenever you open the album of your heart.