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Sayings of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

(Rhythmic expressions of ideas)

Befool not, O night, the morn will break; beware, O darkness, the sun will shine; be not vain, O mist, it will once more be clear; my sorrow, forget not, once again joy will arise.

A labor done without wages, a service without thanks, a merit without appreciation, a love without answer have a different value.

It is a weakness to withdraw from struggle; it is foolishness to go through it.

If you are annoyed by any disagreeable experience, it is a loss; but if you have learnt by it, it is a gain.

What feeling it is to ask forgiveness to those who must ask forgiveness of you, and to thank those who must thank you!

It does not matter how hard you labor; it is what you accomplish that counts.

Wickedness that manifests from an intelligent person is like a poisonous fruit springing from a fertile ground.

The life of love is more than innumerable lives, and the death of love is worse than a thousand deaths.

As the birds will never have a lasting attachment to beasts, so it is even with man: the wayfarer of the heavens can never keep constantly attached to the dweller of the earth.

Knowledge ends in no knowledge, learning ends in unlearning.

Sweeter than honey are the results of one's toil; more fragrant than flowers are the words of praise; more delicious than fruit is an obedient child; more precious than a pearl is a congenial mate.

A beautiful sin is a virtue, and an ugly virtue is a sin.

Impulse is intoxicating; action is absorbing; but it is the result of every deed that leads man to realization.

An optimist takes the chance of losing; a pessimist loses the chance of gaining.

When you care for the opinion of others, you are below them; when you do not care, you are above them.

It is the lover's heart that touches the depths of life;
it is the godly soul that soars to the highest heavens;
it is the seer's eye that penetrates through the wall of matter; and
it is the knower's spirit that assimilates all the knowledge.

We experience death by playing life, and we experience life by playing death.