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Biography, Autobiography, Journal and Anecdotes

Part I - Biography

Musheraff Khan

Musheraff was the youngest of Inayat's brothers and was born at the time when Maula Bakhsh was already passing away from this earth and his father too old to direct his life. Therefore he received comparatively less care and attention from his family than those who had come before. Most drawn to play, as he was in childhood, he cared little for studies, though music ran in his blood all the time.

It was first suggested to put him in a school of electrical engineering but he did not keep up his enthusiasm as he was not made for anything but music. He was somewhat under the influence of his uncle, Alaoddin Khan, and yet was too young really to benefit by this influence and he scarcely had the influence of Inayat, which he always sought and whom he loved most. For it was Inayat who understood him and understanding is the answer to every soul.

No sooner was Musheraff taken to Calcutta, that he might study there under the influence of Inayat, than Inayat was called away to America and Musheraff was left alone, away from all his people, as they were in Baroda. He was most unhappy at being thus separated from his brothers and left alone while so young. His one prayer was some day to meet his brothers again. His joy was boundless when after one year he was called to America to meet Inayat and this was the turning of a new page in his life.