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Biography, Autobiography, Journal and Anecdotes

Part II - Autobiography

Belgium, 1921

In 1921 I was invited by some friends in Belgium. I spoke in Antwerp and Brussels to the Theosophical Society. Also in Brussels for the Anglo-Belgian Club, and to the circle of Madame Heris of the Star Movement. And by the kindness and earnest efforts of Madame Graeffe van Gorckum and Madame de Stürler, by the help of Dr. Bommer, by the cooperation of Madame Marcks and the enthusiasm of Monsieur de Bevere a group of the Order was formed in Belgium. At the house of the Comte and Comtesse de Laka an address was given to people of the upper class in Belgium interested in the subject. Comtesse de Bremond showed great interest and I spoke several times to a large gathering of students at the club of the Society of "Les Amis de la langue anglaise", and by the sympathy of Monsieur P. Otlet I addressed a very large audience at different times at the Palais Mondial. I found in Belgium a good field to sow wisdom which requires great cultivation. One can draw out from a Belgian person a great deal of sympathy and goodness, if one only knows their psychology. The Message in Belgium no doubt arrived at the right time, when the Belgian spirit needed healing of its wound, which is still sore.