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Biography, Autobiography, Journal and Anecdotes

Part I - Biography

Maheboob Khan

Maheboob, Inayat's younger brother, had always been so attached to him from his childhood and they had always been together. He was much more diligent at school than Inayat and as a child was loved by all. Therefore he was called Pyaromia, which means beloved. He was a very engaging child. As he was ill when about nine years, he was shown greater attention at home and therefore was brought up rather differently from Inayat. He proved to be most musical, wise and thoughtful and yet most shy and timid of spirit and exclusive by nature. His grandfather Maula Bakhsh recognized in him an extraordinary talent in music and a wonderful gift of improvisation and he trained him together with Inayat in music. But later he grew up in quite another atmosphere from Inayat's; for in his youth he opened his eyes to the influence of his uncle Dr. Alaoddin Khan and lived mostly in his atmosphere, which was pervaded by European music. Military bands and orchestras and his uncle's circle represented modern India. Maheboob, being impressionable, took all the color that the atmosphere he was in gave to his life. After his study of English, Maheboob was put in charge of the pupils of Inayat, whom he taught music, when the latter left Baroda and he held that charge most satisfactorily. Maheboob was popular among his pupils.

Inayat, during his visits to Baroda, became conscious of this atmosphere, which differed from his own, yet, adaptable as he was, he did not find it difficult to accustom himself to any atmosphere. It took Inayat but a short time first to blend with his brother's atmosphere and then gently to draw his brother unawares into his own. Yet his almost continual absence from Baroda kept Maheboob on the same line of progress that he was, during which he acquired a great deal of knowledge of European music. He conducted orchestras and took some interest in the theoretical side of Western music. In every case his devotion to Inayat was great. He was a favorite son of his father, though his line of thought was altogether different from his father. Inayat's father before passing away told Inayat his great desire that he should take care of both his brothers, Maheboob and Musheraff and though Maheboob was now capable of looking after himself, still that they might have Inayat's influence, which his father esteemed high. Following his father's injunction and also out of his own wish, Inayat took both his brothers under his wing from the time of their father's death and when he left India for Europe, Maheboob accompanied him on his journey.