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Biography, Autobiography, Journal and Anecdotes

Part II - Autobiography

Switzerland (again), 1922

At the Headquarters at Geneva a change took place in October 1922, when Miss Goodenough was called to help as Madar-ul-Maham at Suresnes. Monsieur Talewar Dussaq was then appointed as the General Secretary of the Movement, who most worthily filled this place of trust, and his sister, Comtesse Pieri, who was afterwards made General Treasurer, wholeheartedly rendered her services to the Cause. The beautiful manner with which they both offered a smiling welcome to friends and strangers at the Headquarters won for them the love and affection of all those who came in contact with them.

Then came to us a wonderful worker, thoughtful and wise. Monsieur de Cruzat Zanetti, who answered the great need of our Movement. He was then given the most responsible charge of administration, he was appointed Executive Supervisor of the Sufi Movement. Monsieur de Cruzat Zanetti carried out his work so ably that he instantly won admiration of his co-workers.

Among some of my man-collaborators I saw a spirit of slight contempt toward the woman-workers, as man has always thought that woman is superfluous or too tender, too much devotional and unintelligent; and they have always sought for a man's collaboration in the work. Nevertheless, however much qualified men proved to be in the work, the valuable service that women have rendered to the Cause has been incomparably greater. The way how some of them have worked unceasingly with sincere devotion and firm faith, has been a marvel to me. If it was not for some women as my collaborators in the Cause, the Sufi Movement would never have been formed. How easily man forgets the place of woman in all walks of life. It is his self that covers his eyes from recognizing the importance of woman's collaboration in every work.