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Biography, Autobiography, Journal and Anecdotes

Part II - Autobiography

France (again), 1920

I went again to France and gave some public lectures in Paris, which added to the success of our newly formed group. This group formed in Paris flourished as a garden in spring, but in fall the leaves dropped, and it had to be reorganized, and was then founded on a firmer foundation by Colonel Guillon and by the help and enthusiasm of Baronne d'Eichthal, who succeeded in being the National Representative for France.

We found in our newly formed French group many interested members, among them Madame Detraux, Mlle. de Sauvrezis, Mme. and Mlle. Gelis Didot, a.s.o. Among foreigners in the Society Monsieur Choumitzky, Monsieur de Roibul, Mme. Frankowska and Mme. Christowsky, who were with us at the starting of the group, took great interest in the work.

In the absence of Colonel Giullon, the Marquis de Breteuil translated a series of lectures given at the Musee Guimet, to the great satisfaction of all present.

On the soil of France I always felt at home, and the sociability, politeness and courtesy of a Frenchman I always admired, for I saw hidden under the surface of democracy some spirit of aristocracy in their nature, although I found in France a tendency against religion. At the same time in the depth of their soul there is a craving for it, but the Frenchman always fights against it, owing to the external conditions. I found in Frenchmen a profound love of music, art and poetry, and I enjoyed speaking to my respondent French mureeds and audience on the subject of morals and metaphysics in allegorical and symbolical terms, and always felt encouraged by their subtle perception of it. A French lady I found to be feminine in quality, refined, and what especially attracted me to France was that it is a home of art. I never felt more inclined to practice my music anywhere than in France, since I left home.