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What is it??

The Bowl of Saki is a daily non-sectarian inspirational message from Inayat Khan, an awe-inspiring spiritual leader from India who brought a timeless message of Love, Harmony and Beauty to the Western world in the early 1900's, a message which helps us to become more acutely aware of the precious spark of divinity within ourselves and within all of creation.

These messages are not about any new religion, they are simply reminders of the same glorious ideals that have been given to us by the great prophets and teachers through the ages.

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Bowl of Saki for February 14

Man forms his future by his actions; his every good or bad action spreads its vibrations and becomes known throughout the universe.

       Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

According to the ideas of the mystics the world in which we make our life is an Akasha, and Akasha means capacity. It is pictured by them as a dome; and whatever is spoken in it has its echo. Therefore no one can do, say, or think anything for one moment which will become non-existent. It is recorded; and that record is creative. It is not only what one does, says, or thinks that is recorded in the memory or in the atmosphere, but that record also creates at every moment, so that every line and letter of it becomes the seed or the germ that produces a similar effect.


The law of cause and effect is as definite in its results in the realm of speech and thought as in the physical world. ... Man forms his future by his actions. His every good or bad action spreads its vibrations and becomes known throughout the universe. The more spiritual a man is, the stronger and clearer are the vibrations of his actions, which spread over the world and weave his future.


Wherever a person goes there he takes his influence, thereby creating harmony or inharmony in the atmosphere. As a person who is drunken feels most delighted to see another person also drunken in the same way as he, and enjoys his company and offers him a drink, so the inharmonious person creates inharmony, and so the harmonious person spreads the vibrations of harmony, tuning the whole atmosphere to the pitch of his soul.

   ~~~ "Sangatha I, Tasawwuf", by Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished)

   ~~~ Man forms his future by his actions; his every good or bad action spreads its vibrations and becomes known throughout the universe.

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What does "Saki" mean? Where does the commentary come from?

Learn about it at:  Origins of The Bowl of Saki

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