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Volume XI - Philosophy, Psychology and Mysticism

Part II: Psychology

Chapter XIV

Magnetism is something that can be wasted, that can be lost, and that can be made powerless. When a person consciously exerts the magnetism he has it becomes powerless. The very power with which one exerts the magnetism makes it powerless. Magnetism can be wasted if one does not have the strength and control to sustain it. Many possess great magnetism in some form or other, but without knowing it they lose some of it every moment of the day. As one needs a safe for keeping one's treasures, so one must know the key to the control of magnetism of whatever kind.

Magnetism can be lost in two ways. A person who has some magnetism, without his noticing it may be robbed by another who does this either consciously or unconsciously. How can a man know when he robs another unconsciously of his magnetism? It is very easy to know. When he sees that people do not want to listen to him, when he realizes that people do not want to be with him for long but feel like running away from him, then he must know that he robs them unconsciously of their magnetism; that is why they run away. And magnetism may also be lost by lack of regularity in life, by lack of conscientiousness, and by not knowing how to keep magnetism intact. By being conscious of one's magnetism one develops it, but by using magnetism consciously one loses it. And by being unconscious of one's magnetism one retains its charm, but it develops slowly.

Magnetism is a life substance, a living spirit. It has its own particular science. The more one knows of this science, the more one will be able to value it, to maintain it, and to utilize it to the best purpose. Action develops magnetism, but repose controls it; that is why very active people always develop their magnetism, but without being able to hold it. With one hand they take magnetism, with the other hand they give it out, and there is nothing left. It is like earning money from one side, spending it on the other, and always being without.

A continual effort is necessary to control magnetism, and it can be controlled by a certain amount of reserve. But there are two things to consider. By too much reserve one will also close the doors to the development of magnetism, just as too much work will exhaust a man while working moderately will develop his muscular system. So it is with magnetism: when we use it continually it is soon exhausted, but when it is used no more than is needed in order to cultivate it and control it then it remains in proper proportion.

The magnetism of the word is cultivated by speech, but it is controlled by silence. A talkative person may be interesting for some time, but afterwards he loses his magnetism. He has given it out by talking. Magnetism is also lost by speaking too low, or with too much emphasis, or with too high a pitch of voice. Magnetism is lost by every unnatural expression. When a cowherd calls his cows in a high-pitched voice, as is done in India, this is natural for him. He loses no magnetism, on the contrary he develops magnetism because it is natural for him to do so. But if a lawyer goes into a field and calls a cow in that same pitch he certainly loses magnetism, and the cow will not come either.

A speaker is handicapped when he has to speak very loudly, for a speaker can speak best in his natural tone. It is most unfortunate if he has to speak in a larger hall than he is accustomed to, for if an unnatural tone is produced he will himself be disturbed by it so that he cannot create the effect he desires. No doubt when he has been speaking for many years to large audiences he may develop his voice, and then it would become natural to him, but if not, it takes away all his inspiration and power.

A thoughtful person develops magnetism by thinking, but when he is over-anxious to tell everyone about his thought he loses it. There are people who before they have even thought of a thing are too eager to speak about it, and thus instead of producing magnetic power they spoil and destroy it. Magnetism of feeling is also very powerful. Its power is so great that words cannot express it; but too much expression of sentiment lets it escape. One is attracted to a kind person, but one runs away from a person who is always shedding tears.

Spiritual magnetism is the most valuable magnetism there is, for it is the magnetism of the soul. But as soon as one begins to show one's lantern, however beautifully it burns, the oil will begin to give out and then the lantern will become dim. It is a human tendency that a little spiritual stimulus gives man such an inclination to show it that as soon as he gives an extensive expression to his spiritual awakening in the form of words or acts he loses magnetism, for the magnetism had not yet been prepared. It was not ready. It is as if a piece of coal before turning into a diamond already began to shine out. It would then remain as it was and could never become a diamond. The mystery is that magnetism is developed by use and controlled by reserve. One must know the right balance between how to develop it and how to preserve it.

It is not true that only a few people have magnetism. In point of fact, everyone has some kind of magnetism. It is not true that there are people who do not develop their magnetism. The very fact that one is alive means that one develops it. But it is true that not everyone can control magnetism, and not everyone does control it. The loss of magnetism is more disadvantageous than the loss of wealth, for there is no earthly treasure to be compared with magnetism.

By Bayat, the initiation which a teacher gives to his pupil, a magnetism is given: the soul of the pupil is charged with a new battery. And if the pupil knows how to maintain it, how to keep it without wasting it, it will be like yeast, which never spoils and which lives for thousands of years. All the practices which are given by the teacher to guide his pupil on the spiritual path produce their particular magnetism. There is no occupation, there is no interest in the world which has so much to do with magnetism as treading the spiritual path. The power with which one progresses on the spiritual path is the power of magnetism, and the speed with which one advances depends upon the power of magnetism.

Spiritual magnetism is the best and the most dependable magnetism. Its character is healing and very powerful. This magnetism appears with the unfoldment of the soul. This means that the soul which is covered by many veils is uncovered through the meditative process, and then the soul begins to shine out as a flame does through the lantern, which spreads its light and radiates its heat so that everyone around can feel it.

In the same way a spiritual personality begins to radiate the original light of the soul, thereby giving light and life. When Jesus Christ bade us to drink his blood and eat his flesh, he meant that the spiritual magnetism which is given by spiritual personalities in the form of blessing, in the form of prayer, by their presence, in their atmosphere, should be our sustenance, should be the food for our soul. The spiritual path is a living path, because the magnetism of the spiritual path is living.

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