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Volume XIV - The Smiling Forehead

Part I - The Smiling Forehead

Chapter III
The Heart - Aphorisms

The length of his heart man shows by his tolerance. The width of his heart man shows by his endurance. The height of his heart man shows by his power of understanding. The depth of his heart man shows by the capacity of assimilating all.

The heart of man is the shrine of God. Take care when you touch it lest you may hurt the Unseen Dweller within.

Never hurt human feelings in thought, word or deed. The human heart is so delicate; it is like a fine tissue. Once there is a tear in the tissue you can repair it – yet the tear remains. And so it is with the human heart; once there is a tear in it, it can never be healed.

When God's divine love rises as a wave, it washes away the sins of the whole life in a moment, for law has no power to stand before love: the stream of love sweeps it away.

When we find faults and see no excuse, we are blind to the light which can free a person from his faults and give rise to that forgiveness which is the very essence of God – to be found in the human heart.

The very thought of the love of God fills the heart with joy and makes it light of its burden.

The heart in its depth is linked up with the divine Mind; so in the depth of the heart there is greater justice than on the surface.

The brain may be said to be the seat of the intelligence and the heart to be the throne of wisdom.

As the heart expands so the horizon becomes wider, and one finds greater and greater scope in which to build the kingdom of God.

Man's heart is like a piece of ground; you may sow anything in it and rear it. When the fruit comes, then man knows whether it was a sweet fruit or a poison.

The heart, when it is not living and making its life a life of love, feels out of place, and all the discomfort of life comes from this.

My respondent heart be still – be still and listen to the consoling voice of God.

checked 22-Oct-2006