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al-Walī audio caligraphy

The Protecting Friend,  The Loving Defender,  The Nearby Guardian

The One who is lover, protector and lord. The One who is lovingly supportive.

The One who is the protecting friend. The One who guards and rules all of creation.

The One who lovingly guides mankind to turn toward the path of righteousness.

From the root w-l-y which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to be near, close, nearby
to be a friend, helper, supporter
to defend, guard (lit. friendly dealing)
to be in charge, to turn one toward something
to be the master, owner, lord

This name is used in the Qur'ān. For example, see 42:28

According to Rāghib, the root w-l-y indicates one thing taking place by the side of another in such a way that there is no distance between them, both physical and figurative.

Wālī emphasizes the aspects of lordship, ownership and mastery of the One who is also friend and helper.

Walī emphasizes the nearness and loving, protective, guarding and helping aspects of the One who is also the lord and master.

(Also written as al wali, al walee, al-waliy, al-waliyy, al-vali, al-valee, the nearest friend: ya wali, ya walee)