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Appendix D

Beautiful Names in Hebrew

Throughout recorded history, Beautiful Names of God have been revealed to the prophets of various cultures world-wide.

For example, the Hebrew prophets, as recorded in the books of the Old Testament and the Torah, used a wide variety of Beautiful Names to express the divine attributes.

The following  are a few examples of the numerous Hebrew Beautiful Names given in the books of the Old Testament, along with a common English translation (although Jewish readers would typically read Adonai rather than the word Jehovah, which was apparently "created" by misguided Christian translators to make the unpronounceable sacred name YHWH easy to pronounce):

ABHIR = Mighty One (Gen. 49:24; Deut. 10:17; Ps.132:2)
ADONAI = Lord (Gen 18:3)
ADONAI TSUVAH = The Lord my salvation (Ps. 38:22)
ADDIYR JEHOVAH = Glorious Lord (Is. 33:21)
ADOWN JEHOVAH TSABA = The Lord, the LORD Almighty (Is. 3:1)
ABIYR ISRAEL = Mighty One of Israel (Is. 1:24)
CETHER = My hiding Place (Ps. 32:7)
CHYAHLUTH = My Strength (Ps. 22:19)
EL = God
EL AMAN = Faithful God (Deut. 7:9)
EL-BERITH = God of the Covenant (Judges 9:46)
EL CHUWL = The God who gave you Birth (Deut. 32:18)
EL DEAH = God of Knowledge (1 Sa. 2:3)
EL-ELYON = Most High  (Deut. 26:19; Ps. 18:13; Gen. 14:18; Nu.24:16)
EL GADOL GIBOR  YARE = The Great, Mighty, Awesome God (Deut. 10:17)
EL GHAH'Y = Living God (Jos. 3:10)
EL-GIBHOR = Mighty God (Is. 9:6)
EL G'MULAH JEHOVAH = The LORD, God of Vengeance (Jer. 51:56)
EL HAKABODH = God of Glory (Ps. 29:2)
EL KAHVOHD = God of Glory (Ps. 29:3)
EL MELECH = God the King (Ps. 68:24)
EL MOHSHAHGOTH = God of Salvation (Ps. 68:20)
EL NAHSAH = God who Forgives (Ps. 99:8)
EL NATHAN N'QAMAH - God who Avenges for Me  (Ps. 18:47)
EL-OLAM = Everlasting God (Gen. 21:33; Ps.90:1-3, 93:2; Is. 26:4)
EL RACHUM = Merciful God (Deut 4:13)
EL ROI = All-Seeing God (Gen. 16:13)
EL SHADDAI = God Almighty (Gen 17:1)
EL SEHLAG = God my Rock (Ps. 42:9)
El SIMCHAH GIYL = God my Exceeding Joy (Ps. 43:4)
EL NASA = Forgiving God (Ps. 99:8)
ELOHIM = God (Gen 1:1)
ELOHIM BASHAMAYIN = God in Heaven (Deut 4:39)
ELOHIM MISGAB = God my Defense (Ps. 59:17)
ELOHIM TSEDEQ = God my Righteousness (Ps. 4:1)
ELOHIM YAKOL = God, the Most Able (Dan. 3:17)
ELOHIM YARE = God Most Awesome (Ps 68:35)
ELOHIM YESHUA = God my Salvation (Ps. 62:1)
ELOHIM KEDOSHIM = Holy God (Josh. 24:19)
EYALUTH = Strength (Ps. 22:19)
GELAH RAZ = Revealer of Mysteries (Dan. 2:28)
GAOL = Redeemer  (Job 19:25)
JEHOVAH = Self-Existing Lord (Ex. 6:2)
JEHOVAH AZAR = The Lord my Helper (Ps. 30:10)
JEHOVAH AMAN = The Faithful Lord (Is. 49:7)
JEHOVAH BORE = The Lord Creator (Is. 40:28)
JEHOVAH GAAL = The Lord thy Redeemer (Is 49:26)
JEHOVAH-JIREH = The Lord will Provide. (Gen. 22:14)
JEHOVAH-NISSI = The Lord Our Banner. (Ex. 1:15)
JEHOVAH-M'KADDESH = The Lord Who Sanctifies (Lev. 20:8)
JEHOVAH ORI = The Lord is my Light (Ps. 27:1)
JEHOVAH-ROHI = The Lord Our Shepherd (Ps. 23)
JEHOVAH-RAPHE = The Lord Who Heals (Ex. 15:22-2)
JEHOVAH SHAPHAT = The Lord our Judge (Is. 33:22)
JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU = The Lord Our Righteousness
JEHOVAH TSUR = The Lord my Strength (Ps. 144:1)
KADOSH = Holy One (Ps. 71:22; Is. 40:25, 43:3, 48:17)
KANNA = Zealous (Ex. 20:5, 34:14; Deut. 5:9; Is. 9:7)
MAGEN = Shield (Ps. 3:3, 18:30)
MELEK KABOWD = King of Glory (Ps. 24:7)
MARE' = Lord (Dan. 2:47)
OLAM ZEROWA = The Everlasting Arms (Deut. 33:26)
PALET = Deliverer (Ps. 18:2)
RAB = Lord, Nourisher (Dan. 2:10)
RUMN RO'SH = The One who lifts my head (Ps 3:3)
SHAPHAT = Judge (Gen. 18:25)
TSADDIQ = Righteous One (Ps. 7:9)
YESHAU = (Y'shua) Savior (Is. 43:3)
ZUR = Our Rock (Deut. 32:18; Is. 30:29)

Similar lists can readily be made from the New Testament and other sacred texts.

The glory of the One can also be found in many of the biblical names, especially those that include the holy names "EL" or "JAH". Here are a few typical examples:

GABRIEL =  God is my strength ... a combination of the root g-b-r, meaning powerful, mighty or strong, united with el, meaning God.

EMMANUEL = God is with us...  a combination of the root m-m-n, meaning to be with our exterior forms, united with el, meaning God.

DANIEL = God is judge... a combination of the root d-n, meaning that which characterizes or judges, united with el, meaning God.

ELIJAH = God is Jehovah... a combination of the root el, meaning God and jah, meaning Jehovah.

EZEKIEL = God is Strong, or God Strengthens

ELIEZER = God is Help, or God my Help

IRIJAH = whom Jehovah sees

JOSEPH = whom Jehovah will add to

RAPHAEL = whom God has healed