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al-Wakīl audio caligraphy

The Trustee,  The Guardian,  The Disposer of Affairs,  The Advocate

The One and only One who can be entrusted with the management and resolution of all affairs. The One who is the supreme trustee, guardian and administrator of all things.

The One who may be trusted to do better for us that we can do for ourselves. The One who can be entrusted to provide the perfect resolution for all matters.

From the root w-k-l  which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to appoint or entrust for the care or management of something
to have a commissioned agent, a guardian of one's interests
to rely upon, confide in, lean upon, submit to

This name is used in the Qur'ān. For example, see 6:102

This same root w-k-l also gives rise to the word tawakkul (or tawakul), which indicates submitting to Allāh, relying upon Allāh, putting one's trust in Allāh.

In Farsi/Urdu the "w" is commonly transliterated as "v", as in al-Vakīl.

One's trust in Allāh should not be allowed to breed laziness or lack of care, but rather one must always do one's own personal best, and then leave the rest to Allāh, as indicated so clearly by the Prophet Muhammad when he said:

“Tie your camel, then put your trust in Allāh.”

(Also written as al-wakil, al-wakeel, al-vakil, al-vakeel, the Trustee: ya wakil, ya wakeel )