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al-Musawwir audio caligraphy

The Fashioner, The Bestower of Forms, The Shaper

The One who is the fashioner and former of each and every thing in all of creation.

The One who has given everything in creation a special inclination or desire.

The One who has given everything a special form and a special manner whereby it is distinguished.

From the root s-w-r which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to make something incline, lean or bend towards
to form, fashion, sculpt, imagine or picture something
to have an inclination or desire towards something

This name is used in the Qur'ān. For example, see 59:24

Related names:

Bāri' denotes the way the One works with substances, often creating from existing matter, making and evolving that which is free and clear of any other thing, free and clear of imperfections.

Badī' denotes the One who creates in wonderful, amazingly original ways that have no precedent whatsoever, ways that are awesome innovation.

Khāliq denotes the One who continues to plan, measure out and create and who has the power to change things from one state to another.

Musawwir denotes the One who arranges forms and colors, and who is the shaper of beauty.

Mubdi' denotes the One who starts or begins all things, or that which has precedence given to it.

(Also written as al-musawwir, al-musauwir, the Bestower of Forms: ya musawwir, ya musauwir)