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al-Mu'min audio caligraphy

The Remover of Fear,  The Giver of Tranquility,  The Source of Faith

The One who faithfully bestows the gifts of peace, safety and security.

The One who grants freedom from fear.

The One who illuminates the heart with faith. The One who is most trustworthy.

From the root ā-m-n which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to be secure, safe, free from fear
to be quiet, tranquil
to grant protection, safeguard
to be trusted, trustworthy
to believe in

This name is used in the Qur'ān. For example, see 59:23

The word īmān, often simply translated simply as faith or belief, comes from this same ā-m-n root, and could well be translated as has been granted peace and security.

The word āmīn, often translated simply as amen, also comes from this same ā-m-n root, and could be translated as in this we trust or in this we are free from fear.

The root ā-m-n root is also the original source of the name al-Muhaymin (the protector).

Related names:

Raqīb refers to the One who has the attribute of watchfulness.

Wakīl refers to the One who is the trusted administrator.

Hafīz refers to the One who protects and preserves.

Māni' - the One who protects and defends against harmful situations.

Muhaymin refers to the One who is the ever-watchful guardian and protector.

Mu'min - The One who grants security and freedom from fear.

(Also written as al-mu'min, al-mumin, Bestower of Security: ya mu'min,  ya mumin)