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al-Hafīz audio caligraphy

The Preserver,  The Protector,  The Guardian

The One whose power preserves the heavens and the earth. The One who is the guardian and preserver of all the worlds.

The One who protects and preserves all of creation from perishing. The One who is vigilantly guarding every detail of all that has been created.

The One who remembers and preserves all that has ever been and all that is, while keeping under Divine protection the knowledge of all that shall be.

From the root h-f-z which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to preserve, guard, protect
to keep, retain, take care of, tend
to prevent from perishing or becoming lost
to be watchful, mindful, attentive, vigilant

This name is used in the Qur'ān. For example, see 11:57

Note that the final letter in Hafīz, the Arabic letter z sounds nothing at all like the English letter z, but rather in Arabic it is a open-jaw "th" sound, although in Farsi and Urdu it is pronounced as a "z".

Related names:

Raqīb refers to the One who has the attribute of watchfulness.

Wakīl refers to the One who is the trusted administrator.

Hafīz refers to the One who protects and preserves.

Māni' - the One who protects and defends against harmful situations.

Muhaymin refers to the One who is the ever-watchful guardian and protector.

(Also written as al-hafiz, al-hafeez, the Preserver, the Protector: ya hafiz, ya hafeez)