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al-Bāsit audio caligraphy

The Unfolder,  The Expander,  The Releaser

The One who makes ample and plentiful all that is needed. The One who expands and amplifies all abundance.

The One who makes the way wide and open. The One who stretches out a helping hand to mankind. The One whose open hand releases joy, comfort and abundance.

The One who infuses the soul into body. The One who has filled the heart with spiritual abundance. The One whose glory and abundance fill and expand the heart.

From the root b-s-t which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to expand, enlarge, extend
to grant abundance, to provide amply
to spread, widen, to make spacious
to extend a hand

The term Bāsit is not specifically used as a Beautiful Name in the Qur'ān.

The term Bāsit includes a powerful and majestic sense of infusing into something a gift which will grow and flourish in great abundance.

Qābid (constrictor) and Bāsit (expander) are opposites.

The Arabic lexicon and commentary Tāj al-'Arūs, as interpreted by E.W. Lane, says:

Qabd [Qābid] and Bast [Bāsit] are terms applied by the investigators of truth among the Sūfīs to the two contrary states of the heart, from both of which it is seldom or never free: the former being an affection of the heart withholding it from dilation and joy; whether the cause thereof be known, as the remembrance of a sin or an offense, or of an omission, or be not known...

(Also written as al-basit, al-baasit, the Unfolder,  the Expander: ya basit, ya baasit)