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Chapter 12  -  Conclusion


You are a spark of Divinity! That is your true nature. The only thing that can separate us from the wondrous radiance of the Divine is the obstruction caused by our own misguided ego. 

To find enduring happiness and satisfaction, one must remove the obstruction, and allow the Light to freely shine from within. To remove the obstruction, one must allow the loving-kindness and understanding of the soul to guide and inspire the activity of the body. Let the depth of the heart lead, and let the head follow.

All too often we become excessively preoccupied with our own ego’s self-inflicted drama, but we were created for a joyous life, basking in the wondrous gifts of Divine Presence. If you truly want meaningful change in your life, then you yourself must change.

It's really just this simple:

        We can spend our life either…

             Enjoying the wondrous gifts of our True Nature,


                   Bumbling along in the unsatisfactory drama of the ego.

That's it! Those are our choices!

Now it’s time to decide for yourself…

Which do you choose?



Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,

updated Jul 6, 2010