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1923 - Additional Papers (3)

Knowledge and Wisdom

Question: Is intellectual knowledge located in the brain and wisdom located in the heart?

 Answer: Neither of these are located in brain or heart, only intellectual knowledge has much to do with brain and wisdom comes from within the heart. But in wisdom heart and head both work.

Wisdom is spiritual knowledge. The best explanation of wisdom is perfect knowledge, that is the knowledge of life within and without.

What is gained by intuition, the mind makes it clear, and yet often it is the mind which spoils the intuition, for the mind interferes with the intuition. If the mind did not stand as a hindrance to intuition, every person would be intuitive, for intuition is more natural and more easy than the reasoning of the mind. The intuition by nature is clear, the characteristic of the mind is confusion. If the intuition is disturbed, it is because it has been confused by the mind. However, it is not necessary to give up reason for intuition. But naturally cultivate the faculty of intuition without letting it stand in the way of reason. For instance if a person always did everything trusting to his intuition, he would have many difficulties, for very often the intuition will be wrong, for the reason that as a child he did not begin with intuition. So often reason disguised as intuition deceives him. While developing the faculty of intuition, one did not mind being deceived, and risked, then in time the mind would not play its tricks and the intuition will be powerful enough to manifest clearly. In time a person of finer feelings will be able to perceive the voice of intuition and will learn to discriminate between intuition and reason.

One thing must be remembered and that is to perceive the first suggestion that rises in the heart before it is disturbed by the action of the mind. If that opportunity is lost, it will not take one moment for the reason to attack the intuition and establish its own place there.

What comes from without is not intuition. Intuition is something which rises from our own heart and brings satisfaction, ease and happiness.

Question: Do all experiences reach the brain through the nerve centers? Answer: Yes, mostly conveyed by the breath, but in this I do not mean the breath we inhale through the nostrils. Through the pores of the skin we breathe also, though the main stream of breath is that which we inhale through the nostrils and which is termed 'prana' in Vedantic terms.