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1923 - Additional Papers (2)

Service to the Cause

In order to do the service to the Cause, it is not necessary that a person must wait until he was given a certain position. Everyone must do according to his capacity all he can in order to further the Cause. For in this path it is the work which counts more than anything else.

A quiet working is most necessary in the spiritual work; for noise spoils. Although noise is the expression of enthusiasm; but in the noise enthusiasm is wasted.

The rules and regulations are necessary but not of the greatest importance. They must not hinder the working by forcing them too much upon people. The spiritual work is the work of freedom; and that freedom must be given wisely, gently, not seeming to break the law, not trying to force the law. The spiritual working is different from martial work, although the construction is the same. In one it is rigid, in the other it is fine.

In short, for the spiritual working it must be remembered by the workers, whatever position they may occupy in the scheme of working, that they are the trustees of the Message, which is to be received, studied, followed, and preserved for the coming generation. And as trustees they are responsible more or less for the Message, which is their most secret and sacred trust.