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2005 Adventures

Updated:  18-Oct-2005


Off to the desert... an adventure across southern New Mexico, southern Arizona and northern Sonora Mexico. The winter was unusually rainy, and now the wildflowers were happily springing up everywhere.



And driving across New Mexico, I was reminded of the many times that my dear mother told me that I was going to drive her to the nut-hatch.


But it turns out that was impossible... according to this road sign, Nutt and Hatch are two completely different places:




And then, after driving through a rather nasty dust storm, a sign along the highway happily announced:


And that made me ponder just how I should respond to the idea that dust storms might exist... especially since I had just finished driving through ten miles of blowing dust and sand.



It seemed that this handy road-sign was intended to guide me into making some proper decisions about my travel... and that made me wonder how people would respond to an even more useful warning about their travel through life:


It seems that some people will change their behavior because a dust storm might exist, but go right on doing the same old foolish things after being warned that something far more significant than a mere dust storm really exists.