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Religious Gathekas

(To be read at the Service of Universal Worship)

Religious Gatheka Number 29

Religion of All Prophets (1)

The different candles which are lighted only mean our adherence and our respect to all different teachers, different religions and different scriptures. Therefore this universal worship the Church of All is in reality all Churches. It is a service, it is a worship and at the same time it is a training to our mind to tolerate the religion of different people. And if one reads the history of religions, how the followers of different religions have had battles, wars against one another for the defense of the outer form of religions a person with a just mind will admit that the followers of the great teachers have not followed their belief or the teachings of the great ones thoroughly.

It is this universal worship, it is this religion which is the religion of all those teachers who have come and gone. It is this which was the Message of Jesus Christ and all other great teachers of humanity. Therefore it is not a separate line, it is the same line, it is the same Message which is being given to the world. It is the continuation of all the great religions which have come from time to time, and a unification of all which was the desire of all prophets.

And in reality the wish of the great teachers of humanity is fully gratified in this worship because it was this that was their idea, to come as the result of their teaching and of giving the Message to humanity, and although we are very few whose destiny it is to serve God and humanity in this direction, we ought to feel ourselves blessed, and in the strength of that blessing we should feel fully encouraged and helped to serve God and humanity.