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Volume XII - The Divinity of the Human Soul


The first part of this twelfth volume of The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan consist of a number of lectures the Master gave at different times, and which for various reasons have not been included in the proceeding volumes. They are published here for the first time, except 'Wealth.' which appeared in the Sufi Quarterly of June 1931.

In his Confessions, which were published in 1915 in a limited edition, long since out of print, Inayat Khan gave some reminiscences of his early life. He tells us about his home life, which was centered round the towering figure of his grandfather, the celebrated musician Maulabakhsh, who so profoundly influenced him, about the career he himself made as a musician, and about his searching on the spiritual path, and how these led him to the Realization that he had to bring the message of Sufism to the Western world.

Thirdly this volume contains the four plays written by Hazrat Inayat Khan. Their style is very different from that of the plays we are accustomed to see performed on Western stages; it is much closer to the traditional Indian theater. But they form an important part of his teachings and convey to those who read them or see them performed the reality of the deeper side of life, a reality that manifest when the way had been opened for the attainment of Self-realization, in which lies the fulfillment of the purpose of life.

To Inayat Khan it is God who is acting through man in order to realize Himself. Thus he wrote in the Vadan,' The scriptures have called Him the Creator, the Masons have called Him the Architect, but I know Him as the Actor on this stage of life.'