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2017 Adventures

Updated: 2017


Still alive! Yea! After last year's struggles following heart surgery, I'm happily looking forward to the wonder and mystery of each day, just one day at a time, one moment at a time, simply welcoming "what is".

What a marvel it is to merely experience aliveness! Wonders to be seen and felt everywhere.

Very pretty view out my bedroom window this morning, but the year is off to a chilly start, -28 deg C (-19 deg F)! Nonetheless, it's delightful to see the changing seasons and share the blessings of this precious (yet mysterious) quality we call "life".



Okay, I'm apparently a bit of a packrat. I have this fine collection of ancient college textbooks on a shelf in my workshop. Many of the books have probably not been opened in 40 or 50 years, perhaps it's time to dispose of them!



And I may as well get rid of this nice djembe drum that Gayan Gregory Long made for me about 15 years ago... I haven't played it for years. My hands get too bruised playing this thing. It has a nice custom made case and a nifty waist strap, but it just sits there in it case, not being played. Time to sell it to somebody who will actually play it.  (Edit: Jyoti Joy Brook is now the owner of this beautiful djembe!)



Blue Heron pondering how to get fish from a nearby frozen-solid stream. We've had some very chilly days recently, and the ice on the stream is about 4 inches thick, which presents a bit of a problem for the herons which are accustomed to fishing along here every morning. Apparently they are creatures of habit. I wonder how they survive around here in the winter.


I've developed a pinched nerve in my neck (cervical spine), and now it is rather painful to work at the computer, so these adventure pages may not be published until later in the year, after this annoyance has time to heal. I'm working with a physician and a physical therapist to try to get through this annoyance as quickly as possible.


Oh happy day! The crocuses (or croci, if you prefer) have begun to bloom in my front yard. Yea! Winter is surely ending. I like warmer weather a lot better than winter's cold.



Vultures congregating along the hiking trail that I'm on. And four more circling overhead... hmmm... is this a bad sign? I'm not nearly dead yet, you silly birds!



Magnificent Pasque flowers beginning to bloom along Mesa Trail south of Boulder, Colorado. I think these are some of the most amazing spring wildflowers!



Spring is just beginning in the mountain foothills here, but these wildflowers have begun to emerge:

wildflower_1 wildflower_2 wildflower_3
wildflower_4 wildflower_5 wildflower_6
wildflower_7 wildflower_8 wildflower_9
wildflower_10 wildflower_11 wildflower_12
wildflower_13 wildflower_14 wildflower_15
wildflower_16 wildflower_17