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Brain Wave Synchronizer

What is it?

Many people have difficulty learning to relax and calm their mind for effective meditation, so I've created this video to help people learn to achieve and recognize the mental state often called "calm abiding".

This video is a state-of-the-art tool using brainwave synchronization to help you learn to relax and calm your mind. It's like a metronome for your brain, a tool to help you learn to establish and maintain deeply meditative states of consciousness.

How does it work?

This video uses simultaneous patterns of light and sound to help you to relax by means of lowering your brain wave frequency from the high-frequency beta rates which are common during intense or obsessive thinking, gradually slowing down into the meditative lower delta state.

The Brain Wave Synchronizer cannot force you to do anything, but if you are willing to learn to relax in harmony with the patterns of light and sound, this can be a valuable tool in slowing down the busy-ness of the mind.

The high frequency beta waves of intense mental activity can be very useful for short periods of time, but for optimal mental health such high activity states should be balanced from time to time by relaxing in the slower, lower frequency brain wave states.

Being stuck in high beta states can cause severe anxiety and stress, while being stuck in the lower theta or delta states can result in attention deficit symptoms. The ideal is to be flexible and balanced, consciously spending part of one's time in the highly active states, and consciously spending part of one's time in the more relaxed states. Without such balance, and the ability to change mental states willfully, daily life can become very difficult.

For example, accepting "what is", or having great patience, or manifesting loving-kindness, are all wonderful ideals, yet while one is stuck in a state of high frequency brain wave activity with the accompanying intense or obsessive thought processes, one is less likely to exhibit such traits. In order to fill one's heart with desirable traits such as acceptance, forgiveness, loving-kindness, compassion and patience it is useful to shift one's consciousness (at least momentarily) into the lower frequency brain wave states, a place where the worldly difficulties and challenges of daily life can be put into a less burdensome perspective.

Go sweep out the chamber of your heart,
make it ready to be the dwelling place of the Beloved,
when you depart, He will enter,
in you, void of yourself, will He display His beauties.

Mystic Rose Garden, Mahmud Shabistari, translated by E.H. Whinfield

All the tragedy of life is caused by consciousness of the self. All pain and depression are caused by this, and anything that can take away the thought of the self helps to a certain extent to relieve one from pain.

Unity of Religious Ideals, Hazrat Inayat Khan

The goal of this video is to be a tool to help you learn to be able to willfully shift from the stressful high frequency states of brain activity into the creative, inspiring, relaxing lower frequency states. The Brain Wave Synchronizer cannot force you do anything, it is merely a tool to help you learn to willfully shift your own consciousness.

General Instructions:


If, at any time during a Brain Wave Synchronizer session you are distracted by any sort of irrelevant sounds or lights or thoughts, just accept what's happened and calmly return the focus of your attention to the lights and sounds of the video.

To help overcome the inner dialog and chatter, it may be helpful to simply say to yourself "deeper" during each exhalation and correspondingly imagine yourself going deeper and deeper into relaxation.


It's best to sit comfortably in a chair or on a cushion. In general, one should avoid laying down, in order to minimize the chance of training the mind to fall asleep during these sessions.


During the beginning portions of the video, while your eyes are still open, look at the screen with soft, somewhat unfocused vision. To do so, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, it may be helpful to remove them.

Room Lighting:

The light coming from the computer screen, Smart-phone, iPod or TV must be the only significant source of light in your field of view, and there should not be any other significant sources of light which might attract your attention while using the Brain Wave Synchronizer. If the room is dark enough that you cannot easily read something the size of a newspaper headline, that should be dark enough.

Computer usage:

Best results will obtained in a darkened room. The computer screen should be at, or a little below, eye-level. In most cases, having your eyes about 12 to 18 inches from the computer screen will produce good results if the room is sufficiently dark.

Before starting the Brain Wave Synchronizer video, increase the size of the media player viewing window to full-screen size (in order to have the brightest illumination). The following keystrokes will increase these media players to full-screen size (then use Esc to return from full screen):

     Windows Media Player:   Alt-Enter or F11
     Apple QuickTime:          Ctrl-F
     VideoLan VLC:               F

Use earphones or earbuds with the volume set fairly loud, but not painful or uncomfortable (we’re trying to give the brain lots of stimulation). Please note that earphones or earbuds are generally more effective than using speakers.

Smart-phone or iPod usage:

If you're using a Smart-phone or iPod, use earbuds or earphones, start the video, set the volume level fairly loud, not painful or uncomfortable, but quite loud.

Then, in a darkened room, start the video at the beginning, and place the Smart-phone or iPod on your forehead with the video screen across your eyes, such that the video screen is equally visible in both eyes. A sports headband, scarf, or elastic bandage can be used to hold the video screen in place on the forehead. Yes, this may look a bit weird, but it works great.

Note: If you have erratic movie performance due to the touch screen of your Smart-phone or iPod being touched while playing the movie, it may be useful to find a way to temporarily disable the touchscreen while using the Brain Wave Synchronizer video. For example, for Android devices you can use the Screen Tools 1 app to temporarily disable the touchscreen while you watch the video.

How much does it cost?

It's free!

Brain Wave Synchronizer Video Downloads:

For versatility and ease of free distribution worldwide, the Brain Wave Synchronizer video is offered as an MP4 video file, which can easily be viewed on virtually any computer, iPod or smart phone.

Note: In order to prevent glitches and interruptions which can occur in video streaming, please download the video onto your computer hard-drive (or smartphone memory). For typical web browsers, use the following instructions:

Right-click your mouse on the desired link, choose "Save Target as..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link as..." (Firefox), and save the video file so that you can then play it on your favorite media player directly from your computer hard drive or smartphone memory (without needing an internet connection to play the video).


If you choose to download the Brain Wave Synchronizer video, you thereby agree that you understand that there are no claims or warranties whatsoever, either express or implied, regarding this video or its suitability for any purpose, and you thereby also agree to accept all responsibility and consequences for using this video.


The flashing light features of the Brain Wave Synchronizer should never be used by, or in the presence of, anyone who is known to have epileptic seizures or any sort of disorder which may be triggered or exacerbated by flashing lights.


The Brain Wave Synchronizer should never be used while driving, operating machinery or during any other activity requiring alert attention to one's surroundings.


Video in mp4 format (compatible with most computers, iPods and smart phones):

Please download to your computer using right-click for PC (or option-click for Mac):

           video poster  

                        Brain Wave Synchronizer Video  


Printable Instructions:

              Brain Wave Synchronizer instructions in PDF format.


Your Comments Are Welcome:

After you've experienced the Brain Wave Synchronizer video, please send me an email note and tell me a little about your experience and anything that could make the experience better for you, using the following contact link:   Contact Me!



Additional Q&A:

Can Flashing Lights Cause a Seizure?

Flashing lights can trigger seizures for someone who has epilepsy or similar brain disorders.

If you have epilepsy, you should avoid viewing the flashing light feature of the Brain Wave Synchronizer. If you do not have epilepsy, there is no evidence that flashing lights could cause a seizure.

About 0.5% (1 in 200) of the general population have some degree of epilepsy, and about 5% (1 in 20) of those with epilepsy find that flashing lights can trigger their seizures.

In those epileptics who are prone to seizures triggered by flashing lights, the seizures are said to be most easily triggered by lights flashing at rates around 20 Hz, although seizures have been triggered with lights flashing anywhere between 10 Hz and 30 Hz.

To help to reduce the likelihood of triggering a seizure, the Brain Wave Synchronizer video uses flashing light only in the frequency range of 2 Hz to 10 Hz, which is generally recognized as being below the repetition rates which most commonly trigger a seizure.

Again, let me emphasize, if you do not already have epilepsy, there is no evidence that flashing lights can cause you to have any sort of seizure.

Can Flashing Lights Cause a Migraine Headache?

Some people who are prone to getting migraine headaches can have a migraine triggered by bright flashing light. It is unlikely that the brightness of the Brain Wave Synchronizer video will be sufficient to trigger most people's migraines, but if you are susceptible to flashing light as a migraine trigger, please exercise caution when using the Brain Wave Synchronizer, and avoid viewing the flashing light if it triggers your migraine.

How Can I Play TheseMP4 Video Files:

The mp4 video is compatible with most computers and portable media devices such as ipods and smartphones.

The mp4 files work nicely with any of following video players, all of which are available for free, for both Windows and Mac:

iTunes , QuickTime , VLC media player

Is This Technology New?

This light and sound technology is not new, but it is surprisingly unknown to the general public. I designed and built my first electronic prototype of the Brain Wave Synchronizer in the mid-1970's to use as an alternative to the traditional hypnotist's patter for past life regressions and other hypnotic sessions. The device was very successful at helping clients achieve a very deep state of relaxation. But, as I moved on to other ventures, that original Brain Wave Synchronizer has just been gathering dust.

The original Brain Wave Synchronizer had a few control knobs and switches, which adjusted the clicking sound emitted from a speaker, and had connectors to plug in an incandescent lamp (an ordinary table lamp) which was then flashed synchronously with the clicking sounds. Here's a photo of my 35 year old original Brain Wave Synchronizer, which I dubbed "The Synchro-Gnome":

synchrognome 1976

Recently, in pondering how to help people learn the art of relaxation for deeper meditation, it seemed appropriate to create an new updated version of the Brain Wave Synchronizer which could be easily distributed for free via this web site and used on virtually any computer, iPod or smart-phone.

Currently there are a number of similar electronic devices available commercially, often costing hundreds of dollars. In part, it is the high cost of these light and sound devices which has kept this technology out of reach of the general public. My goal here is to provide this technology in a format which is very easy to use and which can be widely distributed via the internet for free.

Are Commercial Devices Available?

Using the Brain Wave Synchronizer videos on a computer display, smart-phone or iPod may not be suitable for everyone. Some people may need features which cannot be included in the Brain Wave Synchronizer video format. To fill such diverse needs, there are several commercial products on the market which also use light and sound in much the same manner as the video.

In considering the commercial products employing this sort of light and sound technology, don't forget that they're in business to sell their products. So, if you choose to purchase a commercial product, please spend some time carefully investigating the company and trying to understand the features of their products in order to find out what's best for you.

Here is a link to some typical commercial light and sound devices which are currently offered via the internet. Please note that I have no affiliation or connection whatsoever with this company, and I have no personal experience with any of their products:

       Mind Alive