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Bowl of Saki  --  Options

Step 1 - Enter your email address:

         (click your mouse in the data entry box below,
          and type in your email address):


Step 2 - Choose your desired options:              

         Delete the Photo of Inayat Khan
               (leave unchecked to continue, or resume, receiving the photo)

         Delete the Commentary by Inayat Khan
               (leave unchecked to continue, or resume, receiving the commentary)

Step 3 -  Please review your entries and  then click the Done button:


Explanation of the Options:

The standard Bowl of Saki subscription automatically includes both the commentary by Inayat Khan and a photo of Inayat Khan.

By clicking your mouse in the option box and adding a checkmark to delete the commentary and/or delete the photo, those specific features will be removed from your subscription. 

In order to resume receiving the photo, and/or the commentary, simply re-submit this same form without checkmarks in the desired boxes.


Why the Commentary??

Each day, small portions of related lectures given by Inayat Khan are included with the Bowl of Saki in order to further illuminate the daily message.

Why the photo??

The daily photos of Inayat Khan included in the email are offered as a way to lovingly connect and interact with the source of the message.