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Bowl of Saki -- Delivery Problems with Hotmail/MSN/Live/Outlook

Beginning June 12, 2015, Microsoft has suddenly stopped delivering any and all email to users of Microsoft's email domains such as msn, hotmail, live and outlook. In this case, Microsoft is refusing to even accept the email for delivery to Bowl of Saki subscribers, saying that it "looks like spam". (Apparently too many suspicious words like "love".) An appeal of their blockade has been filed, and hopefully this is just a temporary issue.

In April 2015, Microsoft created some sort of problem for many involved users of Microsoft's email domains such as msn, hotmail, live and outlook. In all of these cases, the Bowl of Saki email is being accepted for delivery by the hotmail servers, but is not being delivered to the subscriber. The cause of this problem is not known. However, several subscribers have reported that the following procedure solves the problem.

Note: These instructions are for use with a computer using the full web site (not the smaller mobile web site which has less features). If you must use a mobile device to follow this procedure, scroll to the bottom of the web page after login, and click on the link which says "PC Site" which will then display the full site, which unfortunately may be incompatible with some small mobile devices.

Open your favorite web browser using a computer, go to hotmail.com, sign in with your hotmail/msn/outlook/live account info, click on the options icon (looks like a circular gear, in the upper right beside your name), and click on Options.

Then another page should open, with a section titled "Preventing junk mail". Click on the line called "Safe and blocked senders", and when a new page opens, click on "Safe senders".

In the text entry box on the Safe senders page, type the following:


then click on "Add to list".

It should then show up in the list as "@wahiduddin.net"

Finally, you can click on the name "Outlook.com" in the upper left portion of the window to get back to your email inbox.

Hopefully the Bowl of Saki will show up in your inbox tomorrow morning.


In the meantime, please note that you can always find the daily Bowl of Saki (for any day of the year) online at:




Wishing you love, harmony and beauty,